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DNA guided assembly yields novel ribbon like nanostructures
31 05 13

DNA "linker" strands coax nano-sized rods to line up in way unlike any other spontaneous arrangement of rod-shaped objects. The arrangement with the rods forming "rungs" on ladder-like ribbons could result in the fabrication of new nanostructured materials with desired properties Read More...

Non wetting fabric that drains sweat invented
31 05 13

Waterproof fabrics that whisk away sweat could be the latest application of microfluidic technology developed by bioengineers Read More...

Diamonds nanotubes find common ground in graphene
30 05 13

What may be the ultimate heat sink is only possible because of yet another astounding capability of Graphene. The one-atom-thick form of carbon can act as a go-between that allows vertically aligned carbon nano-tubes to grow on nearly anything Read More...

Squishy hydrogels may be the ticket for studying biological effects of nanoparticles
31 05 13

A class of water-loving, jelly-like materials with uses ranges ranging from the mundane, such as superabsorbent diaper liners, to the sophisticated, such as soft contact lenses, could be tapped for a new line of serious worktesting the biological effects of nanoparticles, according to scientists Read More...

Gold nanocrystal vibration captured on billion frames per second film
31 05 13

A billon-frames-per-second film has captured the vibrations of gold nanocrystals in stunning detail for the first time Read More...

Electric and magnetic characteristics of a material which could be used in spintronics promising doped zirconia
31 05 13

Materials belonging to the family of dilute magnetic oxides (DMOs) - an oxide-based variant of the dilute magnetic semiconductors - are good candidates for spintronics applications Read More...

The better to see you with Scientists build record setting metamaterial flat lens
31 05 13

Scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technologhave demonstrated a new type of lens that bends and focuses ultraviolet light in such an unusual way that it can create ghostly, 3D images of objects that float in free space Read More...

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