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The Miraculous nano


As all of you know, Nanotechnology has been spreading like a wild fire in all our lives, be it in the health sector or electronic sector.

The new and emerging sectors of nanotechnology have transformed the world into a global village. Due to the unimaginable possibilities of Nanotechnology, there are various markets within the nano sector.

Various discoveries and inventions of the nano science:

1. A recent study has discovered a material which gives a nearly infinite wavelength to the visible light. Silver and silicon nitride nano layers are been stacked together to form this metamaterial. Novel optical components or circuits as well as efficient led designing have become easier with this invention.


2.Also, at the Los Almos National laboratory, the team of nanotechnologists and spectroscopists have found ‘dramatic advances in the field of QDLEDs (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes).QDLEDs have been a help in the field related to standard lighting technologies, especially in terms of efficiency, ’operating lifetime’ and the ‘colour quality of emitted light’.


3. Recent research has demonstrated that when the undergo ‘phase transformation’, the smaller size of them make huge differences to some critical properties like thermodynamics and kinetics. This discovery can find applications in the designing of ‘hydrogen storage systems, catalysts, fuel cells and batteries’ in the future.

4. One of the most significant and beneficial inventions of nanotechnology is the ‘lithium ion batteries’. These batteries provide energy to almost all the technologically advanced equipments ranging from the ‘cell phones to tablets to electric vehicles’, due to making the ‘technology light’ powerful and long lasting.

5. A recent discovery also demonstrated new advanced techniques to ‘improve the stretchability of graphene’ and unravelled the mechanical properties of the graphene. The discovery of the graphene also finds applications in the designing of ‘transparent, flexible electrodes and nanocomposites’.


6. Nanotechnology finds huge applications in the field of health, as the ‘self-powered nanoparticles’ are found to deliver ‘healing drugs’ to the cracks in the bones directly. This reduces many diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets. The treatment for the broken bones and the joint replacements has become an easy job with the invention of the technique of nanocasting. Now, there has been the possibility of making more drugs for medical treatment due to the use of ‘molecular robots’ (an invention of nanotechnology) that works on a particular population of cells. The ‘copper nanoparticles prevent the contamination of food by bacterial organisms. The ‘nano machine cell killer’ has been a help in the study of the ‘attack strategy of certain bacteria’, which can kill the host cell by piercing the membrane.


7. Even the Smart phones and tablets use the technique groundbreaking of the peptide based nanotechnologies for their manufacture. The discovery of the nanodots has been one of the best discoveries in the scientific field till today.


8. The sawdust is a must pollutant that forms when one saws. This is also prevented by the nanotechnology. The nanotechnologists have developed a ‘saw wire’ that can reduce ‘kerf loss’ to a great extent. The world has also witnessed the potential of the ‘carbon coated nanotubes’, the ‘universal law for light absorption in 2D semiconductors’ have also been possible due to this technology.

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