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Groundbreaking discovery of peptide-based nanotechnology applied to Smartphones and Tablets
06 08 13

StoreDot Ltd., a nanotechnology startup company which has discovered the first bio-organic Nanodots, has announced that it has received $6 million from several strategic and private investors. Read More...

Free Download. The invisible giant tackling Europe’s future challenges
04 07 13

A free publication describing the unique nature of nanotechnology, bringing innovation to every aspect of human existence. Read More...

QWave fund powers physics and materials science based innovation with initial round of venture capital investments
19 06 13

QWave Fund, a new, global venture capital fund focused on physics and material sciences, today announced its first round of investments, which include a total of $7M USD to Estonia-based Clifton, Indiana-based Nano-Meta Technologies, Inc. and Centice. Read More...